Health Insurance for Beijing Expats

Moving to any part of China can be daunting for those from other countries but it can also be a very exciting time. The city of Beijing, for example, is well-known for being a hive of activity, filled with cultural attractions and with a fascinating history. However, moving there means more than simply packing a suitcase and seeing the sights. You have to consider some of the more mundane aspects of everyday life, such as health insurance.

As more and more expats are making their home in the city, healthcare has become an issue. The city has a large number of hospitals but not all of them offer a standard of healthcare that those used to living in the West would expect. However, more and more hospitals are aiming for international standards and there are several international hospitals that are staffed by doctors and nurses that have been trained in the UK or the US. At these institutions there is little in the way of a language barrier as most staff members speak more than one language, however, treatment could be fairly costly.

While international hospitals and clinics might be preferred by some expats, it should not be forgotten that there are some local facilities that offer good standards of healthcare and this means that you can also avoid the high price tags. In most cases it costs very little to register at one of these facilities but remember that many of them will only take cash in payment for services and you often have to pay before you receive any care. Remember too that some doctors at these facilities are earning commission on prescribed medications so you may end up with more prescriptions than you actually need!

If you are moving to China, then Beijing expat health insurance is going to be a must. Check with your employer to find out if expat health insurance is included as part of your employment package and be sure to find out exactly what it covers. Some policies do not cover maternity or dental care for example. If there is no health insurance included with your work policy then it is highly recommended that you get your own policy.

Individual and expat family health insurance.

Individual and expat family health insurance in Beijing is important. It will cover not only you, but all members of your immediate family that are moving with you and it is the best way to have peace of mind. Children can get into all kinds of scrapes while they are living abroad and it is good to know that China – and in particular Beijing – has a number of specialist children’s hospitals. Your individual and expat family health insurance can often be used at a wide range of facilities so you can choose from international or local hospitals and clinics. Some policies might specify which clinics that you can use – in some cases this can keep the cost of the policy down because you will not be permitted to claim from the more expensive institutions. Make sure you are aware if there are any limits to your policy so that in the event of an emergency you know exactly where you should be taking your family.

Beijing Health insurance for Employers & Groups.

For employers it is important to offer the right package to workers and when you are trying to attract expat workers health insurance is a must. Finding good health insurance for employers and groups in Beijing is easy and it does not matter which industry your company is in, there are policies that can be adapted to all workers and even cover their families too. In many cases group policies like this are a much better option for expat workers. For the employer it is good because the costs are often much lower than expected because the risk is spread across the group.

Again, you should be aware if your group policy has any restrictions on it. Finding out at the last minute that you are not covered for a certain type of care could leave you facing a large bill and this could leave you in a position where you are not only out of pocket but where you are unable to get insurance for this particular issue in the future.

The type of policy you have may dictate which type of facility that you use in Beijing. Your China health insurance may state that only certain hospitals or clinics can be used. If this is the case then the hospital may be able to bill your insurance provider directly to save you from dealing with any of the costs or paperwork. Other policies or hospitals may require you to pay something up front which you can claim back later. However, there are other policies which only cover part of the cost of your healthcare – a type of excess so you have to pay so much yourself before making a claim.

Why not contact Beijing Expat today to find out more about Beijing expat health insurance? Having the peace of mind of a policy that suits your needs will help to make that transition to life abroad so much easier.